Expert Arbitrator
Colin Featherstone

Colin completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Arbitration in 2001 and CIArb pupillage in 2007. He has been a fellow of the CIArb since 2006 (Associate since 1999).

He has undertaken Adjudication training with CIOB (2005), RICS 2012 and CIArb 2021; Expert Determination accreditation 2010 (AofE), Expert Witness accreditation: RICS, MAE and Bond Solon; Mediation accreditation (LSM) 2019. 

In 2021 his ArbEx review report stated: 

“Sound reasoning and good presentation with clear logic in the reasons…” “….a sound pair of hands…”. 

He is included on CIArb Business to Business & Pandemic arbitration panels and ArbEx, as well as various adjudication panels.

In the capacity of the Tribunal he has been appointed on over 40 occasions including 16 arbitrations and 3 as Expert Determiner, once as assessor and circa 25 occasions as adjudicator.  

In 2016 he was appointed as Sole Arbitrator and received the following testimony: 

Mr Featherstone was always courteous to both parties, and behaved throughout the process with complete impartiality. His response to correspondence was always prompt and helpful. His findings were very clear and thorough, and in language that was easy for a layperson to understand and engage with.”

He has appeared in Court, arbitration and adjudication as an Expert Witness and in 1990 as a Witness of Fact before the Queen’s Bench. His evidence is frequently “preferred” because of the clarity and impartiality and he his efforts have been described as “Stakhanovite”.  

He is currently standing for election for committee of the South West Branch of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. He is a former Vice Chair and then Chairman of the South East Branch of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. 2008 to 2010.